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Initiating from a vision and progressing towards its realization, Jaymee Tennell courageously led the charge in bringing to fruition her God-inspired vision of establishing a three-month Vocational Rehabilitation program. This program aimed to aid men and women in churches, transition homes, and organizations, drawing upon her expertise in entrepreneurship and advocacy. With the unwavering support of her husband, Jarrod Tennell, who gained over 8 years of experience in Christian Ministry, they established a non-profit organization and obtained 501(c)(3) status, naming it Project Do Over, situated in California.

We firmly believe that the gifts and talents bestowed upon us by God can be cultivated and significantly enhanced as we anchor ourselves in Christ. Romans 11:29 describes these gifts and talents as 'irrevocable'. It's merely a matter of time until we must stand upon our God-given blessings and utilize them to metamorphose into the mighty Men and Women of God He has destined us to be.

Project Do Over (PDO) stands as a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit entity dedicated to equipping individuals within the local community with skills essential for success in various domains such as workforce, entrepreneurship, education, and community engagement. Serving as a valuable resource to churches and transition homes globally, PDO has meticulously devised a three-month program aimed at empowering individuals to embrace and cultivate their gifts, talents, and life purposes. Throughout this program, participants will have the opportunity to cultivate virtues of good character, commitment, and responsibility through regular class attendance. They will also receive guidance in resume writing, interview techniques, business plan development, school applications, financial literacy, and more. Our ultimate goal is to prepare these individuals to enter the workforce with integrity, earning the trust of employers. Additionally, we aspire to foster community cohesion and collaboration by rallying individuals towards a common cause. We firmly believe that once individuals are firmly grounded in their God-given calling, they will exhibit greater efficiency and boldness in their life pursuits, thereby embarking on the journey to fulfill His purpose for their lives.

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