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PDO Leadership Seminars

Biblical Principles and Applications

Once a Month Leadership Seminar 

Basil Frasure is a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and an Ordained Minister who faithfully teaches the Word of God.  He has done some brief pastoring at several churches and has served as an Elder with Freedom Fellowship Church.   Led by the Holy Spirit, Basil unashamedly applies Biblical principles to his teaching ministry.  He has a Master of Divinity Degree in theology. Although he has a Ph.D. Degree in Christian Counseling, he is not a professional Pastoral Counselor or a LPC. 

    He has authored How To Destroy The Evil Tree, a popular and an informative book on overcoming generational curses. He has also authored (his PhD thesis) Bringing Every Thought Captive, Vol. 1, an informative study on applying the Word of God in one's life. In addition, he has a free 12 week Foundational Bible Study Course online. He also serves as a consultant to the Project Do Over ministry and does some leadership conferences with them.

    Basil and his wife, Elayne, have three daughters and twelve grandchildren. He has a strong conviction about the permanency of marriage and the blessing of children and grandchildren.

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